To Be Our Cash Sales Counter


Cash Counter Sales is one of the operational cooperation between REX with a particular business entity in which REX give permission to the CSC to conduct the admission process , product sales and services delivery documents Domestic and International Package as well as the use of trademarks in the location REX CSC .

REX will provide training and always provide guidance and oversight of all activities of Operations , Customer Service , Sales Strategies to every business owner and employees with the intention that any delivery service users get the same quality of delivery at any location any CS REX .

1 . Shifting patterns of public spending helped increase growth in online demand for shipping services .
2 . The need for service providers to stay close to home delivery .
3 . Traffic conditions and future energy demands practicality .
4 . Does not require a large initial investment .
5 . High rate of return .
6 . Operational guidance , supervision and consultation on an ongoing basis by a team of REX


1. Get the training that was held by Tim REX.
2. The requirements are easy and quick application process.
3. Getting boxbillboard neon, banners, banners, stickers and other promotional tools.
4. Getting a discount on every mailing service that consumers use.
5. Get a pick-up shipment at CSC locations.
6. Can check the delivery status through the website or CS.
7. Name and address of each CSC will be included in the list of network REX.
8. Get a uniform for employees who served in the Counter.


1. Submits a partner of CSC.
2. Willing to give bail as security transactions CSC.
3. Submit a deed of company legality of coffee, ID card applicants, TIN, SUP, Domicile
4. Providing facilities and human resources that consist of:
* Tables & temporary shelters receiving packets / documents
* Scales
* Telephone, FAX, Internet, computer
* Replacing the fluorescent boxbillboard and promotional tool that has been provided
* 1 Front Liner HR person.


1. REX-0 / Same Day Service (SDS) is a delivery service that arrives at the receiver in the same day as the day of delivery.
2. REX-1 / Over Night Service (ONS) is a delivery service that arrives at the receiver one day after the day of delivery.
3. Express Service (EXP) is a fast delivery service / express for documents and packages.
4. International (INT) is a fast delivery service for documents and packages.
5. Other (OTH) is a freight forwarding services via land and sea as well as other types of services.


1. Settlement & Housing
2. apartment
3. Campus / School
4. office
5. mall
6. Other crowded places.


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